4 Myths About Sleep Masks

Sleep mask myths.A sleep mask is a light weight eye mask worn while sleeping that helps a person fall and stay asleep throughout the night. For many people who use them, they’ve got a kind of “cult following”. Ask anyone who wears an eye mask to bed and they’ll likely tell you that they can’t imagine NOT wearing one!

Despite the proliferation of sleep problems, many are oddly resistant to the use of sleep masks. Why? That’s what I want to discuss today. Below are what I think are the myths about sleep masks that keep people from giving them a try.

They’re Uncomfortable
While there may be some cheap brands of sleep masks that are uncomfortable, generally speaking these masks are not uncomfortable by and large. All it will take it touching a silk satin sleep mask from Dream Essentials to realize just how plush and soft the materials are.

They’re Only For Women

How many movies have you seen with a women wearing a sleep mask? Too many too remember right? Now what about men?

Most likely, you can’t think of any!

It’s reasons like these that sleep masks have a reputation as only being worn by women. Behind the scenes though there is a booming market for masks that men like. In fact, if you’re a man reading this, we advice you to check out this Sleep Eye Mask for Men list from Dreaming Life. Take a look at a few of the designs and I think you’ll agree there is nothing inherently girly about them.

They Won’t Stay On My Head
Today’s design ensure that the mask will stay on the head by using a fastening clip or even a small Velcro strip at the end. Simply put, if this was a problem in the past – it’s not anymore.

They Press Too Hard on The Eyes
If you’ve had a sleep mask that pressed against your eyes, then shame on that company! They made a very nasty sleep mask. If you’ve found even the nicer masks do the same, I’d suggest you look into the Lights Out mask. It’s specifically designed to have enough room for your eyes to move around without your eyelashes getting in the way of things. This means when you fall asleep and enter into REM sleep, your sleeping self will not know the difference!

As you can see, these myths really revolve around only a handful of themes; comfort and the idea that they’re only for women. But clearly there are cool designs for guys too and only the cheapest masks are uncomfortable. The next time you are unable to get a restful night of sleep, think about the points in this article and ask if your night would’ve been better with a sleep mask.