A fast diet eliminating processed foods

Why should we eliminate processed foods from the body? Processed, refined and packaged foods are full of fats that are not good for the system. More than 6,000 chemicals, some of them with carcinogenic properties, are used in the food processing industry.

Many processed foods are produced by methods involving cooking foods over very high heat, thus compromising their nutritional value. The food additives and other ingredients are consumed and the human immune system tries to pull them away. If the task is too difficult, the immune system suffers so many health complications appear.

In the present day, canned food, fast food, packaged food and frozen food are convenience foods for many. All of these foods are adapted to modern life and characterized by convenience, speed, leisure, comfort, and pleasure. They have become so commonly used by consumers that if they were to suddenly disappear all hell would break loose. However, there is a need to try to eliminate processed foods if you want to live a healthier life.

In particular, try not to buy processed foods that contain trans fats. Look at the list of ingredients on the labels of packaged processed foods that you are buying, if you notice the words partially hydrogenated oil or liquid shortening, you need to avoid them. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils containing trans fats are harmful.

Trans fats increase bad cholesterol and deplete the good cholesterol. They clog the arteries, causing heart problems, insulin resistance and contribute to Type 2 diabetes. Trans fats pose a serious risk to world health, far worse than saturated fats found in meat and dairy products. Trans fats transform oil into a solid material by partial hydrogenation, and processed foods that contain this substance have the longest shelf life, but when consumed regularly shortens the life of an individual.

One of the best ways to create a fast diet that will improve health and nutrition is to reduce or eliminate the consumption of processed foods. These foods often contain an excess of calories, sugar, fat and unhealthy preservatives and additives. By resorting to healthy foods that are fresh and not processed, you give your body the nutrients it needs for good health. You can do this by following the tips below.

  • A fast diet that will improve your health should include fresh foods whenever possible. This includes meat, fruits and vegetables.
  • Buy whole grain breads from local bakeries that bake fresh breads every day.
  • Reduce your consumption of frozen meals, fast food and canned foods. They may contain excess sodium and processed components.
  • Cook your own food. Plan your meals for the week and prepare food in advance that can be reheated later. Use a slow cooker to prepare food all day while you work and enjoy dinner at home.
  • Make your own snacks with fresh foods and avoid snack box and sweet snacks. Enjoy carrot sticks and hummus, Greek yogurt or nuts.
  • Cook homemade desserts and get rid of bakery products that are packaged. Make your own biscuits and cakes. By doing so, you will be fully aware of what ingredients are included and eliminate unnecessary preservatives.