Ab Wheel Review

This article will be a review of the ab wheel in general. I will take a look at what the pros and cons are, is it worth the money, and last but not least a short comparison with another ab exercise.

The ab wheel

The ab wheel is a really popular training equipment, and there is a reason for that. It is easy, compact and efficient. These facts make it a perfect exercise. Not only does it train your abs, it actually trains the rest of you upper body as well. So it is kind of an all-round machine, it is not the only training equipment you need to get fit, but it is close.


It is easy to use; you all most don’t even have to read the manual to use it. It is cheap; it cost around $15 or less even, everyone can buy one. It is small; you can store it where ever you want to, you can even keep it in the living room, in the corner or something. Beginners and longtime users of training equipment can use the ab wheel.


It not only trains your abs; earlier I said it was a good thing, and it is, but it is a down side to those who only wants nice abs. of course you can get nice abs with this little gadget, but it is not 100 % concentrated on the abs.

Ab wheel vs. the ab cruncher machine

There is a big difference between the two machines, first off the size. The ab cruncher is kind of large compared to the ab wheel, but also the result is different. The ab cruncher is much more efficient than the ab wheel, but it only trains your abs. so if you want a ab machine that only trains your abs, then the ab cruncher is a machine for you.