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How To Be Your Own Health Coach.

How to be your own health coach.There aren’t many people who really like change. Perhaps if the change is something we choose willingly then we feel more positively about it than if it’s forced on us. It’s important to take this on board if you want to make changes to your behaviours that affect your health. In this article we’re going to talk about:

  • Changing your health behavior.
  • How change works.
  • How to make it work for you.
  • How to change willingly.

It takes a little practice and dedication, but it needn’t be difficult.

If you’re serious about taking charge of your health then this article will help you do that. It’s quite long, so:

  1. Make a cup of tea and
  2. take it slowly.
  3. Bookmark it so you can come back and digest it over time.

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How To Read And Understand A Medical Research Paper or Article.

How To Read And Understand A Medical Research Paper or Article.How do you know if research is valid and reliable? How do you spot good science from bad science?

Perhaps you or a family member or loved one has a particular disorder and you want to know more about research and developments in drugs and treatments. How do you know if a site or a source is credible, and sort the good studies from the ones that aren’t worth your time or hope? Continue reading


Understand Anxiety and Get Over It Without Drugs.

Understanding Anxiety and How to Overcome it Without Drugs.Anxiety – that uncomfortable, nagging, nervous feeling that won’t let you settle or concentrate.

Being anxious can range from a little worry over an upcoming event or something that’s beyond your comfort zone, to a full-blown medical condition.

In this article we talk about how to overcome mild to moderate anxiety, so that you can feel more confident and comfortable in everyday situations.   See the links at the end for help with more severe problems. Continue reading


All I Need To Know About Life I’ve Learned From Running.

All i need to know - life & running philosophyYou know how it is, when you’re running, that your mind slips out of gear and the answers to questions, problems, issues, challenges seem to form themselves out of fresh air. So it was with this list. Continue reading


Safety Tips for Night Time Exercisers.

running at nightWhen exercising in our busy days gets pushed to the evening (or before sunrise) it’s worth thinking a little about safety.

There are 3 crucial considerations for safe exercising when it’s dark – see, be seen and have a buddy. We’ll explain more about each of these in this article. Continue reading


3 Things to Consider When Buying Sportswear: How To Buy The Best Exercise Clothing.

What to consider when buying sportswear.Wearing the right exercise apparel can make the difference between workout enjoyment and workout misery.  Clothes that rub, chafe, make you feel too hot or too cold can put you off going to the gym or hitting the road.

Here’s our guide to getting it right.  We’re going to look at the right fabric and its technology, how to wear them, comfort and fit. Continue reading


Memory foam mattress guide

Find out which memory foam mattress is best for you

memory foam mattress tempurMemory foam mattresses started out being used in hospitals to help people who were bed-ridden for long periods. Often such people end up with bed sores or pressure sores and memory foam – initially developed for the space programme – was seen as a solution. Continue reading


What Causes Leg Cramps And What Remedies Are There?

Leg cramps can be really painful; so what causes them?

Leg Cramps - What causes them and how to get rid of them.We’ve all had them; your leg muscles (often the calf muscles) suddenly spasm and stiffen and you start leaping about in agony – much to the amusement of anyone who happens to be watching at the time! You might be in the middle of some exercise, you might be watching Tv, you might even be asleep in the middle of the night – leg cramps can happen pretty much any time but what causes them? Continue reading


Kneeling chairs and posture chairs – what are they and do they work?

Kneeling chairs & posture chairs. Are they worth it? Our lives are becoming more and more sedentary; we spend hours sitting crouched over computer desks (as you probably are now) and our posture and our backs suffer. Back problems are notoriously difficult to overcome and many people are turning to kneeling or posture chairs. Continue reading


The Relationship Between Your Menstrual Cycle and Hormonal Acne

Most women often experience breakouts during their period, pregnancy and during their menopausal years. This is what the medical field calls as hormonal acne. This type of acne is referred to as hormonal acne because they are brought about by changes in the body, specifically, hormones.

Some home remedies for pimples may work for hormonal acne but majority does not.

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