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How To Be Your Own Health Coach.

How to be your own health coach.There aren’t many people who really like change. Perhaps if the change is something we choose willingly then we feel more positively about it than if it’s forced on us. It’s important to take this on board if you want to make changes to your behaviours that affect your health. In this article we’re going to talk about:

  • Changing your health behavior.
  • How change works.
  • How to make it work for you.
  • How to change willingly.

It takes a little practice and dedication, but it needn’t be difficult.

If you’re serious about taking charge of your health then this article will help you do that. It’s quite long, so:

  1. Make a cup of tea and
  2. take it slowly.
  3. Bookmark it so you can come back and digest it over time.

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5 Ways To Get Off The Couch And Help Your Brain Work Better.

Staying young in middle age and your older years.As well as all the risks we already know about – heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity – it seems a laid-back, lazy lifestyle could also damage your brain health.

A new study of middle aged men and women has found that their physical fitness levels at about age 40 can predict how mentally fit they will be at age 60+. That means the brain volume – or put another way, how much the brain has or hasn’t shrunk.

The study of over 1000 people, by doctors and researchers at Boston University School of Medicine, Mass., concluded that a high blood pressure in middle age is associated with lower brain volume in later life.

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Understand Anxiety and Get Over It Without Drugs.

Understanding Anxiety and How to Overcome it Without Drugs.Anxiety – that uncomfortable, nagging, nervous feeling that won’t let you settle or concentrate.

Being anxious can range from a little worry over an upcoming event or something that’s beyond your comfort zone, to a full-blown medical condition.

In this article we talk about how to overcome mild to moderate anxiety, so that you can feel more confident and comfortable in everyday situations.   See the links at the end for help with more severe problems. Continue reading


Severe Leg Pain Symptom. Compartment Syndrome and Other Possible Causes.

Compartment syndrome.  What is it and what do I do about it?If you’re a regular exerciser, a weight lifter or athlete, or have had an injury, pain is to be expected at some time.  But what if it’s severe, gets worse, or just won’t go away?

There are several causes of severe limb pain.  We’re going to look mainly at Compartment Syndrome, but also Shin Splints and Blood Clots.  There are links to more detail on these last 2 in the article. Continue reading


Blood Clots – Essential Information on Thrombosis.

Blood clots and thrombosis. Essential information.Hospital-acquired infections and superbugs like MRSA and c. diff (clostridium difficile) often come up as killers in the newspaper and TV news headlines.  But what about thrombosis?  It kills 37 times more people than MRSA.  For example in the UK alone (and this is an international problem) it kills up to 32,000 people per year.

But it’s largely (but not totally) preventable. Continue reading


Steroids – what you need to know.

Steroids get a bad press.  But do they deserve it?  What are steroids anyway, and what do they do?   Why are some ok and others not ok?  What are their effects and side effects?  Are they dangerous?  This is the article that will answer your questions.Steroids get a bad press.  But do they deserve it?

What are steroids anyway, and what do they do?

Why are some ok and others not ok?  What are their effects and side effects?  Are they dangerous?

This is the article that will answer your questions. Continue reading


How to safely buy prescription meds online.

We live in an age where technology can take over so many aspects of our daily lives.  The days when your doctor gave you a prescription and you went along to the local pharmacy to get the medications are on their way out.

We can now compare prices of the meds we need online, buy them and have them shipped to us.  But how safe is it to do this?  How do you know what you’re getting? That’s what we’ll look at in this article. Continue reading


A quick guide to over-the-counter painkillers – find the best pharmacy painkiller to treat your pain.

PillNot all painkillers are created equal – some are better than others at treating different types of pain.  Some painkillers also go together safely to make a stronger mix; and how often should you take painkillers?

In this article we’re going to look at these questions, whether you have occasional headaches, period pain, strained muscles or toothache.

The information is mainly for people over 18 years of age, who are not pregnant or breast feeding.

We won’t be looking at prescription opiate drugs, cancer pain etc.

Note: All medications have a drug (chemical) name and a Brand Name.  We’ve used mostly drug names here because the brand name for the same drug will vary from country to country.  Check the drug packet or ask the pharmacist for the drug information. Continue reading


Better Breathing for People with Breathing Problems.

If you have a breathing condition such as asthma, COPD, heart problems or cystic fibrosis (CF) then you know how difficult some days can be.  When you’re struggling to do what everyone else takes for granted the days and nights can seem very long and the jobs we have to get on with can seem much harder.

Following a healthy lifestyle, taking meds regularly and having a good technique with inhalers are the cornerstones of good self management for a breathing condition.  But one of the most overlooked aspects of respiratory problems is the breathing itself.

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Memory foam mattress guide

Find out which memory foam mattress is best for you

memory foam mattress tempurMemory foam mattresses started out being used in hospitals to help people who were bed-ridden for long periods. Often such people end up with bed sores or pressure sores and memory foam – initially developed for the space programme – was seen as a solution. Continue reading