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Overweight and want to exercise? Try a recumbent exercise bike.

Recumbent exercise bikes can help with your return to fitness

Safe exercise for people who are overweight.Very often people who are overweight but want to exercise are stuck in a difficult position: their weight puts added pressure on their hips, knees and ankles which makes most exercises painful, dangerous or both. As a result they don’t exercise as much as they would like and so the weight doesn’t go away.

If you’re stuck in that loop, have you thought about trying a recumbent exercise bike? Continue reading


Spinning your way to fitness on a spinning bike

Fancy going for a spin?

Spinning bikes are a great way to get fit and have a good time while you’re doing it.  Cycling is fun and good for you but in the depths of winter or if you live in an area with busy roads it can get too easy to just decide not to go.  So why not try a spinning bike instead? Continue reading