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Isotonic drinks – what are they and do they work?

Isotonic drinks - do they work and do you need them?Isotonic drinks seem to be everywhere these days; what is so special about them and are they worth using?

When you exercise your body heats up as energy is expended. In order to maintain your body temperature at 37 degrees centigrade your body sweats; the sweat then evaporates on your skin, cooling it down. The more you exercise, the more you sweat. Continue reading


Is Hemp Protein a Strong Substitute for Whey Protein?

Protein - Hemp vs. Whey.It’s a sure thing that anyone seeking an alternative to whey or casein protein powder has wondered about hemp protein powder. A new arrival to the world of diet and fitness, hemp protein powder has gained popularity among those seeking a source of protein that’s all natural.

Does that mean it’s time for you to ditch your typical, milk-based protein powders? First, read about some pros and cons of hemp protein.

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