How I Use Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

How I use meal replacement shakes.I am not one of those people who are naturally blessed with being slim. In fact I only have to look at a cake and I will put on a couple of pounds! OK, so I am exaggerating slightly, but there are many people like me who find it hard to lose weight, but one method I have found increasingly successful are meal replacement shakes for weight loss. I tend to use them as summer approaches as I want to look my best and have used meal replacement shakes for the last couple of years and they have always worked for me.

Are meal replacement shakes for weight loss safe?

Meal replacement shakes are a safe weight loss strategy, but that’s as long as you use them sensibly and don’t rely on them one hundred percent to lose pounds. I have always drunk two a day, and then had a normal meal in the evening. The packaging that comes with the shakes won’t always give you this advice, but it really is the only strategy that will work given my personal experience.

What exactly are meal replacement shakes for weight loss?

All they are in reality is a milk shake that is quick and easy to use, and will let you exercise some control over your daily calorie intake without having to count the calories in each and every meal. So what I do is replace two of my daily meals with a shake – I know how many calories are in one shake so all I need to be aware of is the calories in my main evening meal – which means I can calculate daily calories a lot easier and target how many I want to reduce by.

How do I use meal replacement shakes for weight loss?

All I do is add milk or water, and sometimes blended fruit juice to the powder that comes in the packet. If I have been on a weight training regime at the same time I even occasionally add some of the best Creatine supplement into them too so I get an extra boost of benefits. By adding fruits that will need to be blended, you can make the whole thing taste a lot better. One thing I have learnt is that giving up smoking never makes weight loss easy. I actually went onto using some stop smoking hypnosis CDs when losing weight and giving up at the same time – it was loads easier!

Will meal replacement shakes work for me too?

So that’s the million dollar question and all I can say is, try it and see what happens. It is not a miracle cure though. Without self motivation you will not achieve anything – and in fact meal replacement shakes only best work if you are prepared to do some exercise daily as well.

Remember they are not a long-term solution and should only be taken for a month. Once you reach your target weight revert to normal meals and then use regular exercise to keep the weight off.