Polar FT2 Review – A Basic, Digital Heart Zone Watch With User Profile

If you want to get into fitness training or you are already reasonably active and with to invest in a sports watch that can help you keep track of your progress, then the Polar FT2 sports watch, is a watch that is well worth your time to look into. Polar are highly regarded for their fitness watches and are renowned for their pioneering of the first heart rate monitor devices.

While Polar produce some of the world’s most sophisticated watches, some of their lower-end watches are a smart choice for anyone who needs a reliable, simple watch that just works. Here is a brief Polar FT2 review.

The Polar FT2 watch, features a large digital watch display that is easy to view while you are in the middle of a workout. This Polar watch features a modern style with a black case and grey front and a large, round front push-button to start and stop the running timer. As you would expect from Polar, the Polar heart monitor FT2 watch features outstanding heart rate monitor support. The watch comes with the Polar T31 monitor chest strap, that features the Polar OwnCode digitally encoded transmission signal that is designed to avoid crosstalk interference from other heart rate devices.

One of the most effective ways to achieve a training goal is to train at the right intensity during a session. To ensure that you are working at the most effective level, the Polar FT2 heart rate monitor watch features a heart rate zone feature, that alerts you with an audible and visual signal whenever your heart rate drops below the zone or rises above the upper limit of the zone. The Polar FT2 watch has a user profile feature, that can store your maximum heart rate in memory and use it to automatically calculate the optimum heart rate zone based on your individual statistics.

The Polar FT2 training watch also features the buttons-free HeartTouch feature that allows you to change the display of the watch, by simply bringing your training watch within close proximity of the Polar T31 chest strap. The Polar FT2 watch can also provide you with a summary page showing the details of the last training session you performed. On the summary page you can review the elapsed time of the last session as well as your maximum and average heart rate. To sum up, the Polar FT2 watch, is a simple and relatively cheap heart rate zone training watch that is easy to operate and features a large digital screen that will help you keep track of your details in the middle of a workout. For more information on the Polar FT2 heart rate monitor watch and other runners’ watches, follow the links.