The Best Fitness Watches For Men And Women

Which are the best fitness watches?Any man or woman who is serious about their workouts can benefit from a fitness watch. A fitness watch helps athletes, joggers and people exercising at the gym or at home to keep track of their workout details. A good sports watch will help athletic individuals to set fitness goals and monitor their progress. A watch with a monitor is a must have item for people who are exercising as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan. Keeping track of the number of calories burned during a workout is an essential part of weight loss success.

One of the best fitness watches on the market is the Timex Unisex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch. The Timex watch displays how many calories are burned during a workout and monitors the heart rate so that someone can stay in their target zone. It has a 100 hour countdown and 27 lap memory features. The Timex watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, making it a favorable choice for those who swim or participate in water aerobics classes. The watch has a Night Mode feature so that people can see their statistics during nighttime workouts. The Timex Unisex Digital Fitness watch is stylish and looks terrific on both men and women. The retail price of the Timex model is around $100, but can be found for under $65 online. The watch has received well over a hundred positive online reviews, so it is not surprising that it is one of the best selling fitness watches on the market.

Some women do not like the look of unisex watches and prefer a more feminine looking fitness watch. The Garmin FR60 Women’s Lilac Fitness Watch is a feminine model that looks fabulous on women of all ages. The watch monitors exercise time, speed and calories burned. It is water resistant and ultra stylish. The Women’s Sorbet model is ideal for women who walk, run, hike or swim. The affordable women’s watch may not provide the same level of accuracy as a more expensive model but for the low online price of $44.97 it a top choice among female shoppers. The Accelerator Women’s watch is also available in periwinkle, carnation and black.