The Relationship Between Your Menstrual Cycle and Hormonal Acne

Most women often experience breakouts during their period, pregnancy and during their menopausal years. This is what the medical field calls as hormonal acne. This type of acne is referred to as hormonal acne because they are brought about by changes in the body, specifically, hormones.

Some home remedies for pimples may work for hormonal acne but majority does not.

Hormonal pimples.

Premenstrual acne is one of the many things which women are still confused about until now. During menstruation a lot of women get breakouts on their skin when their skin was perfectly fine before then. Numerous studies have confirmed this. Premenstrual acne is indeed very real.

The menstrual cycle not only affects the amount of acne on the face, it also affects inflammation too. It has been found that inflammation increases by 25% during the menstrual period. The size of the sebaceous duct decreases during days when women do not have their periods.

More than 75% of women are affected by premenstrual acne. Women also do not seem to outgrow this occurrence. In fact, according to the study, older women are more prone to premenstrual acne than younger women. There is good news though. You really do not have to suffer from premenstrual acne all your life. There are treatments available today that will be able to answer your needs in eliminating premenstrual acne, as well as how to get rid of acne scars.

Go to your dermatologist for a consultation. The experts will be able to assess your skin properly and prescribe the correct treatment. These may include oral medications, as well as topical creams. Do not just buy any anti-acne product from department store shelves and drugstores even if they are sold over the counter because you do not know how your skin will react to them. It is best that you ask experts.