Tips To Losing Weight After Pregnancy

A common worry of first time moms is losing weight after pregnancy. They often look for weight loss tips to get them back in shape. While getting rid of the excess pounds can be long and difficult, there are a couple of techniques to speed up the ordeal.

Why do pregnant women gain weight?

healthy eating1Studies have shown that on the average, pregnant women gain between 25-30 pounds. This is normal and only about half of it is stored fat. The rest is brought on by the baby’s weight of about 8 pounds or more, the placenta with fluids for an additional 6 pounds, and finally a rise in the blood supply for the expecting mother generates another 6 pounds. This means that the actual amount of fat that needs to be shed is much lower than most think and that after pregnancy weight loss is definitely achievable.

Exercise can be easy

There is no denying that exercise is critical to losing weight after pregnancy. The problem is that new moms are usually preoccupied with taking care of their baby, so they are left with either no time or energy for other physical activities. Exercise need not be strenuous, however, and mothers will find that simply walking for half an hour everyday at least 3 times a week can help them immensely.

Nutrition Tips

Diet doesn’t have to be a painful word. Just a few changes can yield as much as a 500-calorie decrease in daily consumption. This translates to losing a pound a week for a gradual after pregnancy weight loss program. Keep it up and eventually all the extra weight will fade away. It’s recommend that new moms eat food high in protein like chicken, fish, and peanuts. Those with rich fiber content are also desirable like whole grains. These foods reduce appetite by making one feel satiated longer, and they also increase metabolism. Of course, any diet should be preceded by a consultation with a doctor as a precaution for women keen on losing weight after pregnancy. Through healthy living, with proper diet and exercise, new moms can look forward to getting back into their shapely figures in due time.