Two Of The Most Popular Salsa Styles!

The origins of Salsa can be traced back to Cuba, where it contains both European and African traditions. Salsa has changed over the years as it traveled from country to country. Today, there are many different styles of salsa; here, are a few.

Rueda de Casino (aka Casino Rueda)

Rueda de Casino is a group dance that emerged out of Cuba in the late 1950s. The Cuba Salsa is a multi-couple dance which is controlled by a “leader/caller” that calls out names and gives hand signs of choreographic moves. The most important notion of this dance is that its participants must be well practiced with a group and that all the possible variations of the moves and hand signs must be well practiced. 300 moves are the level of an average caller. There are two styles of Rueda, which are Miami Rueda and Cuban Rueda. These two styles differ greatly in hand signs and calls.

Cumbia (Colombian Salsa not Cali)

Latin and South America have a similar type of salsa dance named Cumbia. This dance requires all its partners to be in a circle and dance around each other. It is also called Latin American two step because it is dance taught at a young age and it is taught at home. This dance is not that complicated; it has very few advanced turns. Cumbia, further, has a unique rhythm in its music. However, it is not a big difference; beginners might not be able to figure out the difference.

The aforementioned salsa dances and salsa moves are some of the most famous globally. However, in order for them not to lose momentum they need people to promote them. Put on your dancing shoes; get some videos of the best dancers, such as Louis van Amstel or Juan Matos and learn any salsa style you want! Let’s see you on the dance floor!