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5 Ways To Get Off The Couch And Help Your Brain Work Better.

Staying young in middle age and your older years.As well as all the risks we already know about – heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity – it seems a laid-back, lazy lifestyle could also damage your brain health.

A new study of middle aged men and women has found that their physical fitness levels at about age 40 can predict how mentally fit they will be at age 60+. That means the brain volume – or put another way, how much the brain has or hasn’t shrunk.

The study of over 1000 people, by doctors and researchers at Boston University School of Medicine, Mass., concluded that a high blood pressure in middle age is associated with lower brain volume in later life.

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Safety Tips for Night Time Exercisers.

running at nightWhen exercising in our busy days gets pushed to the evening (or before sunrise) it’s worth thinking a little about safety.

There are 3 crucial considerations for safe exercising when it’s dark – see, be seen and have a buddy. We’ll explain more about each of these in this article. Continue reading


The Secret That Slim People Know And Overweight People Can Learn.

weight loss secretHere at Modern Health and Fitness, we bet you’ve read loads of articles with a title similar to this one.  They might involve special pills, only drinking water, chanting in the bath…but here’s one that’s actually based in science – now there’s revolutionary thought!

Dr James Levine is a professor of medicine, hormone specialist and nutritionalist, as well as a research leader at the Mayo Clinic.  He and his team have discovered the secret that divides the naturally slim from the overweight.  We’re going to look at this secret (that was published in the professional journal Science in January 2005) in this article. Continue reading


Could POWERbreathe Help You to Better Sports Performance and Health?

What is POWERbreathe?

POWERbreathe is designed to reduce breathlessness, improve fitness and maximise sports performance – all in less than 5 minutes a day.  It boasts giving less breathlessness in 3 weeks and better stamina in 4 weeks.

It is a handheld breathing muscle trainer.  The manufacturers say that it works for everyone no matter how fit or unfit you are and even Olympic athletes use it.

The POWERbreathe device is a valve system giving a calibrated load to breathe against.  Breathing in (inhaling) against the load/resistance forces the valve to open and this exercises the breathing muscles.  The calibration allows you to increase or decrease the resistance making it harder or easier.

The mouthpiece is latex-free.

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The benefits of rowing machines

How rowing machines can benefit your fitness – without getting wet!

rowing machines for home gymRowing machines are the third in the ‘triad’ of low impact fitness machines you will find in the gym, the other two being the spinning bike and the cross trainer. Like the others they offer an excellent way to get fit without stressing and straining the joints through impact with the road or other hard surface. Below are the key benefits you get from using a rowing machine: Continue reading


Using an exercise ball to help your fitness

Exercise balls are great for low impact exercise routines

Exercise balls, or Swiss balls as they’re sometimes known were developed in the 60s and were first used in the medical sense to assist with neurological development, particularly in children.  More recently they have migrated into the fitness world and are now common in gyms and the home. Continue reading


Spinning your way to fitness on a spinning bike

Fancy going for a spin?

Spinning bikes are a great way to get fit and have a good time while you’re doing it.  Cycling is fun and good for you but in the depths of winter or if you live in an area with busy roads it can get too easy to just decide not to go.  So why not try a spinning bike instead? Continue reading


Isotonic drinks – what are they and do they work?

Isotonic drinks - do they work and do you need them?Isotonic drinks seem to be everywhere these days; what is so special about them and are they worth using?

When you exercise your body heats up as energy is expended. In order to maintain your body temperature at 37 degrees centigrade your body sweats; the sweat then evaporates on your skin, cooling it down. The more you exercise, the more you sweat. Continue reading


Two Of The Most Popular Salsa Styles!

The origins of Salsa can be traced back to Cuba, where it contains both European and African traditions. Salsa has changed over the years as it traveled from country to country. Today, there are many different styles of salsa; here, are a few.

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Start Your Fitness Journey

The new trend these days is to equip your home with gym machines people now have their own home gyms. People convert their spare rooms and garages to home gym machines so that they can exercise in their own homes.

There are a lot of gym machines in the market and you can have your pick. What you really need to do is make use of your machine. The best machines are the ones that you will use. That’s the secret to having a great machine.

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