Clean Eating- The Next Diet Sensation?

It seems every week there is a new diet sensation. The nation is overwhelmed at the amount of information out there on dieting and exercise. Now there is even more to add to the list, or so I thought. Clean eating as it is called seems to be getting attention.

So what is clean eating?

Well, quite simply it is eating healthy but that doesn’t really explain it. The term healthy is so subjective that it is almost useless in describing what clean eating is. A more accurate definition is that it is food in its absolutely most natural state. A plan that is centered on eating clean is one that comes as close to possible to getting all of the food and drink you put in your body in a natural state. This is one of the diets that work if you even want to call it a diet.

A natural state is one that doesn’t have mankind messing with it by adding preservatives, chemicals, salt and sugar. The true meaning of all natural is much different than the marketers at the big food packaging companies would have you believe. You simply grow the food and eat it. If you want to take it a step further you can ensure you are cooking the food as little as possible as to retain the nutrients which isn’t really possible with most meats.

Although it might take some adjustment at first getting used to clean eating, soon the benefits will outweigh the encumbrances. The healthy glow of the skin, the massive energy surplus, the lean healthy body, these are just some of the benefits you will experience when eating this healthy. The basic meals are quite simple really. Usually you want to eat a complex carbohydrate and some lean protein with every meal. You will be eating foods like salmon, tuna, and lean chicken for the proteins.

For the carbohydrates you might eat any whole grains, whole grain foods like whole wheat bread, and complex carbs like vegetables. For the healthy fats there might be flax oil, olive oil, and the oils from raw nuts and coldwater fish like salmon and mackerel. All in all you are simply just eating the way humans were meant to eat all along, a healthy well balanced diet, it’s just too bad that it takes a diet craze mentality to wake us up.