Is Hemp Protein a Strong Substitute for Whey Protein?

Protein - Hemp vs. Whey.It’s a sure thing that anyone seeking an alternative to whey or casein protein powder has wondered about hemp protein powder. A new arrival to the world of diet and fitness, hemp protein powder has gained popularity among those seeking a source of protein that’s all natural.

Does that mean it’s time for you to ditch your typical, milk-based protein powders? First, read about some pros and cons of hemp protein.

Benefits of Hemp Protein

Okay, first things first…hemp protein will not cause you to become “high”. We’re talking about powder ground from the seeds of the hemp plant, so that means you can expect the benefits of a natural product. For one thing, hemp protein powder fits into a vegan, high-protein diet regimen, and it also has a rich amino acid make-up.

Since hemp protein powder is a natural product, you can choose it in order to avoid artificial sweeteners/fillers. Flavored hemp powders are available, but most folks who choose hemp do so because it lacks the artificial ingredients or chemicals likely to be present in other protein products without hemp’s all-natural qualities.

Allergic to lactose? If so, you will find hemp protein to be an excellent protein source. Since whey or casein powders contain byproducts of milk, they can be difficult for lactose intolerant consumers to digest. Hemp protein powder, however, doesn’t cause these digestive issues, and, in fact, its high fiber content may even improve digestion and overall health.

Hemp Protein Drawbacks

Fiber is a good thing, right? But wait–if you want to consume plenty of protein, to gain as much muscle mass as possible, realize that all of that fiber crowds out some protein. Hemp protein offers protein in a form that is less “dense.” So, expect to consume more of it if you hope to match the protein content of, for example, a whey protein powder.

While it is healthful that hemp powders are all-natural, this type of product, when added to water, will not dissolve just as well as whey/casein powder. Try adding yogurt, oatmeal, or almond milk when using hemp protein in your protein shakes; this improves the taste and texture of the hemp version of your recipe.

All things considered, hemp is one of the best protein powder choices for folks seeking an all-natural supplement, for people maintaining a vegan lifestyle, or for those avoiding lactose.