The Best Automatic Adjustable Dumbbells

While we all wish that we could have the room at home for an expansive home gym, but it is rarely the case. You have to start picking and choosing as to which items are more important than others.

As far as dumbbells are concerned, it would be ideal to have a dozen or more pairs of weights in varying heaviness, but that would take up so much room that could be best used by another piece of equipment. Luckily, there are adjustable dumbbells to the rescue.

They only take up the space of a large dumbbell, but can offer the variety you require for different exercises and even variations between different repetitions. There are two categories of adjustable dumbbells, the first being manual. With this type you are physically changing the weights yourself just like you would on a barbell during chest presses. With manual adjustable dumbbells, you can easily add new plates when you are getting stronger and need more of a challenge.

The time it takes to change the weights isn’t too bad, probably in the 30 sec range, but some can be irritated by that and may like the second variety better: automatic adjustable dumbbells. These are designed to change weights extremely quickly and easily. The best variety out there are the SelectTech series of Bowflex dumbbells. With a turn of a knob, you could go from 10 pounds to 90 pounds and everything in between. With that much weight, this dumbbell is great for a beginner to use and grow into over the years. It is an investment in your healthy life.

In addition to your adjustable dumbbells, don’t forget a few complimentary items that will make your workouts better. A weight bench or inflatable exercise ball are helpful to add more exercises to your list. The bench will give support and help offer proper form for seated exercises and the workout ball will add a bit of a challenge to workouts that you may have become complacent with. Be safe and have fun!